Elementor #92


Solution Design & Planning

Solution Design & Planning relates mostly to the modeXnet Solutions (Xnet, XIoT , Xcom, Xmon) but
as a separate project it can be related to mobile networks as a consulting service.

Transmission Design & Planning

Transmission Design & Planning can be related to a Solution or it can be a separate issue/project. This Service covers standard terrestrial transmission design & planning as well as satellite links.


Deployment as a Service means that modeXnet collects required software(s) package(s), modifies them, sets correct parameters and installs them to the Products fulfilling designed and planned requirements. Deployment is an
integral part of Delivery Management (see below).

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring as a Service means that modeXnet offers access to the monitoring data concerning customer’s own Products delivered by modeXnet. It should be noted that some solutions do not contain monitoring facilities.

Delivery Management

Delivery Management as a Service means that modeXnet takes care of all delivered Products related to the Solution, their structure (Features, Packages, Product Definitions, Versions, Serial Number Tracking) and provides information about these both in paper and electrical format.


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